Privacy Policy

To comply with the laws on Privacy we would like to fully explain our policies on this website.
All computers that connect to the internet via a broadband or other fixed connection have what is known as an IP address. This is a series of numbers in a format such as 12.34.567.89. These IP addresses can tell which country and which area the person using the computer is located. They do not give out the personal details of the user as only the Internet Service Provider ISP would have access to that information.
Cookies are a small file of computer code that allows computer applications like websites to track the user. These cookies enable websites to follow and improve the user experience of the website and also allow us to act in a normal commercial manner in providing goods and services to the customer.
We currently have one way of collecting visitor data. This is strictly for our internal use and is provided by our website’s Content Management System (CMS). This allows a basic way of tracking our visitor numbers and IP addresses on a daily basis and if they were referred to us from a search in Google, Yahoo, Bing or by clicking on a link on a third party website. This is a first party cookie.
This website acting as a "Publisher" also advertises goods and services on behalf of other "Merchant" websites. Our links to the Merchant websites usually have an identification number or a cookie that tells that Merchant that we referred that visitor to them. These cookies are standard practice for the vast majority of commercial websites and without them we would not be able to provide any of the goods and services that we offer. This is also a third party cookie.
To conclude, this website uses first and third party cookies and collects the information as described above within the "normal" boundaries of commercial websites and by using this website you have implied your consent to this. If you do not consent to this we suggest you do not use the website as we have no means of disabling them for individual visitors. If you have any further questions, Contact Us.